Can I trust the Creative Commons license applied to each video?

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We give users the option to apply Creative Commons licenses to their own videos. While our Terms of Service prohibits users from uploading infringing content, we cannot guarantee that every user who uploads a video and applies a Creative Commons to it has all of the rights necessary to do so.

If the user does not possess all of the necessary rights in a video (or any content within the video), then the Creative Commons license will not be effective in regard to that content. Therefore, we suggest you exercise caution in using Creative Commons-licensed materials. You may want to send a private message to a member who has uploaded Creative Commons-licensed materials to learn more about the licensed content.

If you have reason to believe that a user has uploaded infringing content (e.g., a popular TV show or film), we encourage you to flag the video so a Motvio moderator can review it.

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