Do trademark owners also own the custom URL for their trademarked terms on Motvio?

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Motvio custom URLs are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. With few restrictions, Motvio users can select any unregistered term and use it as a custom URL for their profile, videos, Groups, or Channels.

When selecting custom URLs for your own account, we recommend you use terms that are clearly related to you and your content. For example your name, a common web handle, your video titles, or your business. Avoid choosing terms that may infringe on a trademark.

You should be aware that owning a trademark for Acme Inc. does not necessarily give you the exclusive right to as your URL. We will allow anyone to use that URL so long as their use isn’t likely to be considered trademark infringement.

If you believe that your trademark is being infringed, you can report it.

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