Does Motvio just remove accounts under the Repeat Infringer Policy without warning?

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We hate to see any of our users lose their accounts and we do everything we can to give each and every one of them the information they need to make sure they don’t run afoul of our legally mandated Repeat Infringer Policy.

Every time there is a strike against one of your videos, we send you an email with a specific breakdown of the infringement claim, including details about the party that filed the claim against you, steps you can take to challenge the claim if it is mistaken, and ways to contact us for more info.

On top of that, we also send a separate warning email on your second strike that contains specific warnings about our legally mandated Repeat Infringer Policy and what will happen if you allow three strikes to accrue.

We know that sometimes it can be easy to miss notifications, especially when they have to share an email inbox with so many other communications we all receive on a daily basis, so we also display an onsite message on Motvio with the same information (although you aren’t able to respond directly to it).

If you have two strikes, we display a more aggressive onsite notification to make sure that you are aware of all the details and have the information you need to make sure your account is not disabled. You won’t be able to resume uploading new videos until you acknowledge this notification.

We take your trust in us very seriously and we would never disable your account without doing our best to give you ample warnings and instructions on how to avoid that fate. It’s important to keep your email address up to date so that our warnings don’t go unread.

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