How do I avoid getting copyright strikes?

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To avoid getting copyright strikes, you need to do everything that you can to avoid being on the receiving end of DMCA takedown notices.

The best way to avoid claims of copyright infringement is to be extremely careful with the videos you upload. Make sure that they do not include any material that you don’t have all the necessary rights and permissions for, including any applicable music licenses.

You should also review all your uploads and fully delete any that might have copyright issues.

You might be tempted to change the privacy setting of any videos you may have questions about, but the DMCA process applies to all videos, regardless of the privacy settings. It is important that you fully delete any video from that site that isn’t being used with permission or under a legal justification.

If you are using music and you have a license for it, you may consider proactively reaching out to your licensors and asking them to whitelist your account from enforcement efforts on their behalf.

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