How do Motvio moderators decide if a video qualifies as Fair Use?

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Although we generally place the responsibility on our members to articulate their fair use claims, Motvio moderators sometimes have to make the call on a particular video.

Our moderators remove videos that constitute obvious cases of infringement when they are brought to our attention. Examples include rips of movies, television shows, and music videos, or a complete song playing in a video with a blank background or minimal visuals. These aren’t the only examples of things that we remove as infringing, so please don’t make the list as exhaustive.

We also respond to appeals under our Copyright Match system. If Copyright Match flags your video but you believe it qualifies as fair use, you can appeal the match and let our moderators know why you think fair use applies. For best results, you should include as much information as possible about why the four factors of fair use weigh in your favor and exactly how they apply to your video.

Please note that any determination we make will not impact any claim a copyright holder may have against you. Our allowing a video to appear on Motvio doesn’t mean you can’t be sued.

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