How does Motvio deal with violent content?

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The Guidelines say:

“No videos that promote a violent activity or depict real-life violence, self-harm, extreme gore, or cruelty toward animals.”

As a rule, Motvio moderators will remove videos that:

  • Show people being murdered, tortured, or physically or sexually abused
  • Show self-mutilation
  • Show animals being tortured or killed
  • Display shocking, disgusting, or gruesome images

That said, Motvio understands that there can be videos that engage with these subjects in a critical, thoughtful way. Videos that report on real-world situations sometimes necessarily contain some graphic or violent scenes. Context is important, and documentary or journalistic videos have greater leeway when it comes to depicting violence or the aftermath of violence.

To avoid being removed, videos with these elements may not be sensationalistic, exploitative, or gratuitous. They must also be marked with a “Mature” content rating.

Videos that recruit for or propagandize terrorist organizations, regardless of whether they show actual violence, are never allowed.

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