I received a strike but I had a license to use the song! What gives?

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We understand how stressful and frustrating it must be to have a video taken down with the possibility of losing your Motvio account looming in the background. Having this happen when you have done exactly what you were supposed to do and secured a license for the song before uploading your video can understandably double that stress and frustration.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do based solely on you providing the license to us.

As a platform for user-generated content, the DMCA requires us to remove videos whenever the copyright owner (or their agent) sends us a formal takedown notice.

There may be cases where the copyright owner or their agent is unaware of the fact that the uploader actually has a license.

When that happens, the DMCA provides a remedy in the form of a formal counter-notification. You can submit your counter-notification using our online form.

The other option would be to contact the claimant and share a copy of your license with them. In many cases, they are willing to withdraw their claim against you if you can provide them with documentation of your license. We provide the contact details of the claimant in every strike notification that we send, but we are always happy to provide more information if you send an email to us.

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