If my account is disabled under the Repeat Infringer Policy, are all my videos gone forever?

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If you are able to resolve the strikes against you, we can fully restore your account within 90 days from the day it was terminated. Your custom URLs, likes, views, and all the other things that make your videos special will go back to exactly the way they were before your account was disabled.

If you are unable to resolve the strikes against you and your account is not eligible for restoration, we can usually still give you a window of limited time access so that you can archive your non-infringing videos. We call this Temporary Access Mode and it works like this:

  1. Your account is restored in a diminished capacity with no ability to upload new videos or message other users.
  2. We can only provide 1 week of access. Since this is automated, we cannot extend the access period, although we can provide additional
  3. Temporary Access Modes in some circumstances (a large number of videos to download, etc.).
  4. The videos will be restored with a restricted privacy setting. They will be locked and only available to you for archival purposes. They will not be publicly viewable.
  5. Per our Repeat Infringer Policy, you may not open any additional Motvio accounts.

To request Temporary Access Mode for an account, just respond to the third strike notification email that you received.

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