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There are many reasons why your video may look different once uploaded to Motvio. Here are some common causes:

  • The most common culprit for color variation is your browser’s decoding technology. Try testing your video in different browsers. If the color of your video looks accurate in Safari, but not Firefox, you may be encountering a decoding variation. Unfortunately, Motvio does not have any control over the decoding of your video.
  • One or more of your video’s color properties (color space, color range, color primaries, transfer characteristics, or matrix coefficients) are missing. Color properties are controlled by your editing software. If this the case, we’ll display a warning in the video files section of the settings page, as pictured here:
  • The viewer’s hardware (monitor, graphics card, etc.) and software play a big role in the viewer’s playback experience. Try testing your video on different setups and take note of the differences in color (if any).
  • In rare cases, our conversion process will sometimes lead to variation between your source file and our playback versions.

To determine if that’s the case, you can try this test:

  • Go to your video page
  • Download both your source file and the largest HD Motvio version of your video using the “Download” button on your video page
  • Play both versions of the video in the same program on your computer (e.g., Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or VLC) and make note of whether there’s a difference between the two.

If you see any differences in color when comparing both videos in the same player, please contact us so we can investigate further. Be sure to provide a link to the video(s) in question and a description of the places in the video where the color is especially off (side-by-side screenshots are always helpful).

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